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Producing correct structure, sound temperament, joyous trainability,
all in a balanced healthy
German Shepherd dog.


'There is no higher compliment to a breeder than to see one of the puppies that they have raised continue on to high levels of competition.

I am honored by the efforts of not only one but by several dog/handler teams who have gone on to top competition.
My sincere gratitude and many congratulations to them and to those people that have helped them along the way.'

Laurie Tollifson

Wallace von der Dornburg

September 27th, 2012

Sire: Rommel von der Dornburg OFA
Dam: Tonigirl von der Dornburg OFA
Inzucht: (4-5) Chicco von der Fasanerie, (5-5) Cora von der Fasanerie. 

Wallace is happy, fun-loving, beautiful in spirit as well as body.  Versatile, easy to live with and train, wonderful member of the family, sport buddy, competition partner or family protector.  Basic obedience, AKC registered, health guarantee.   Serious inquires only.
Contact me via email:  info @ vonderdornburg - dot - com
or in the evenings via phone (903) 429-6278 

Wallace von der Dornburg
Wallace von der Dornburg

Wallace is an awesome young male!  He loves to play ball and is good around other dogs. 


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